National Team using greyed out players?


Dec 12, 2012
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Hey peeps,

I'm currently playing with Dortmund in Germany and was wondering why none of my players get selected for the German national team. Players like Gotze and Hummels must be able to get a game.

When I look at the German squad they are all regens / greyed out players, why is that? Is there a way I can change that to use actual players?

Cheers for you help!
It's beacause SI do not have the rights for the German National Team and the Japenese teams.

You need to delete the files in the steamapp FM folder.
does anyone know the answer? What files do u delete and what does that do?

Thanks for any help!!!
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\db\1300\lnc\all
Just delete the file corach1992 said above, and when you start a new save the german national team will be have real players (And a few other licensing problems will be solved too!)

But remember, you have to do this after every update of FM!
if i have deleted the file but have the LFC Marshall update instead of FM's one does this still allow me to have the german national side?
im wondering if deleting the file improves already existing saves?

do i have to start a new save?