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National teams don`t convoke players in custom league


May 6, 2015
Hello all,

I`ve created a custom nation (in liechtenstein, now called Geuta) with more custom leagues. Everything is working more or less fine, the nation is divided in many leagues with all the most important clubs from all over the world. The only main issue is that the National Teams DON`T want to convoke the players that are playing there (mostly all of them). I cannot find a solution about it, also if i play a nation i dont have any problem to do it and until the first convocation date the others nationals are normal and fine with the main players there.

I attach here the Database modify in case you want to try (to play is fine, is annoying only this issue)

P.S. The Under 21 and 19 are working fine, the national teams convoke the players properly, just the main nationals dont want to do that. Also all the players (Buffon, Iniesta, Ronaldo etc ... ) they are angry because ignored by the national team. As i said, national teams are available to convoke players but they prefer ignore all of those players playing in custom nation and they prefer being full of Grey players.

Any solution ?

Thank you

Thank you
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