Nations League Edit - Teams from the 2nd and 3rd tiers not qualifying for finals comp


Jan 30, 2010
I am a bit stuck!!
I have created an expanded nations league. Instead of just being a UEFA competition, I have expanded it include all world nations. It is broken down into three tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze), all with four leagues each, with 4 teams being relegated and promoted between tiers. Also, like the real nation's league, there are finals competitions for each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues. The four winners of the four leagues in each tier will play off in a finals competition. The problem I am having, is this works fine for the Gold Tier, however, the moment I set the promotion rules for the Silver and Bronze leagues, they never qualify for the finals competition. It is that they have been promoted, so don’t qualify for anything else.
Anyone know a way to fix this?