Jul 27, 2010
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As some may remember, last year I produced a successful update in the summer, however some things were missing as I started in late May. This year I am doing the same but will start now, so will need some suggestions to please :) I will be including the following:

- Every transfer in England's top four leagues, plus the majority from Non League
- All the released players from England's top five leagues, plus some from leagues below
- Major transfers from abroad
- Every managerial change in England's top 5 leagues
- Some notable backroom staff changes in England
- Major managerial changes from abroad
- European competition qualification teams for 2013/14 season
- Past winners/finishes for major competitions involving English teams, plus updated history for 12/13 season for top 6 English leagues (includes promotion/relegation)
- Promotions relegations from Europe's major leagues
- Loan expiries from England's top 6 leagues
- Retired players made non-players
- Removed deceased players
- Miscellaneous changes such as stadium moves, renaming etc..

If suggested I will do:
- Realistic CA/PA changes, along with positions, such as Bale to CAM...
- Created players (need templates)
- Kit colour changes
- Player injuries (added/removed)
- Player bans (added removed)

Thanks, I am hoping to make this the most successful project on here so please show some support :)
We're currently at 665 changes, changed past positions for top 6 english leagues, done competition winners/runners up etc for all over England. Done Promotions/relegations so far.Returned all loaned out players from Premiership teams back. Released players from top 5 leagues. Retirements. Board changes, staff changes. Transfers..
Any chance of releasing a beta? Wanting to get a new game started today!