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Near Post Corner Tactic

Jan 19, 2010
Hi FM-Base,

I have been working on a corner tactic and found one that is working for me.
The idea behind the tactic is to have various different scorers and not just the same player every time.
I also do not want to be a set piece specialist team with big 6ft+ players everywhere.

Here is a run through ...

Takers - Left footed from the right / Right footed from the left. For me at York City these takers are my wingers.

GK - Default (Obviously)
DR - Stay Back - No need to concede goals from attacking corners so 3 back from the corner.
DC - Attack Near Post - Obviously an aerial target, Traditionally the big ones up from the back.
DC - Near Post Flick On - Another aerial target to add to the threat.
DL - Stay Back - Ive chosen the FBs to stay back because usually they are quick and can defend.
MR - Default - Really important you leave the wingers on default.
MC - Lurk Outside Area - Just really to slow down the opposition attacking and can regain possession.
MC - Stay Back - Defensive midfielder also stay back to protect the counter.
ML - Default - And again really important you leave on default.
ST - Attack Ball From Deep - Normally a target man to increase the threat and aerial presence.
ST - Challenge The Keeper - Not only to stop GK coming out, A poacher will score 5 goals a season like this.

Its a partnership based corner really, Full backs stay back, Center-halves go up, As one Winger takes the corner the other will be a wide position in the box, The central midfielders 1 up 1 back and strikers, big and little have a chance to score.

What you can expect from the corner is various scorers and various different deliveries.
It doesn't work every game so it is not a glitch or anything, its not the most prolific but i enjoy its variance.
Your center-halves will score most because the corners are aimed for the them, If it doesn't go to your near post flick on then the defender attacking the near post has a chance and the near post flick on is stopping the opposition player from coming off the post to head clear. I must admit the attack ball from deep option doesn't have much joy but if your taker hits a wider ball he'll attack it. Then we have the poacher challenging the keeper and sometimes teams over crowd the near post and there is a scramble where your striker can nick a goal in front of the keeper. Now for the wingers on default option and why this is important. Maybe 2-3 times a season the default in the box will bang 1 from the corner being delivered over everyone at the near post.

If you get corners that do not get a direct head/shot on goal then the lurk outside the box option will slow down a break or win the ball back for a second phase play from the corner which is quite unique and likable i think. Once you have the ball back your winger in the box is open for a pass to get a shot away. Very rarely the lurker will shoot unless you put his personal instructions on shoot more often but i do not use that i like re-building the attack. Your winger taking the corner gets onside and is available for the ball to run inside because now hes on his stronger foot ready to shoot. I have never conceded a goal from this corner its solid defensively and full of options in attack.

As a back-up taker i would use the Lurker. This will put both your default wingers not attacking the ball in the box unless all at the near post miss it and the other as a short option but in the box still ready for any bobbles ready to shoot. Defensively now you have got a lurker taking the corner you still have 3 back and 2 wingers on default ready to get back.

Ive tested this tactic in Football League 2 only so i would welcome some testers and some feedback to see how you get on but i feel it would work well its not over loaded but it protects space defensively and offensively leaves space for movement. I suppose you could change the DCs to far post and use it as a far post tactic but i have not tested that. Another little tip if you choose to use it is on the game instructions if you use Shoot On Sight you will get more corner opportunities.

Anyway give it a go fellow managers i love this tactic its helped me out and i hope it does for you too.
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Mar 27, 2010
I want att/def corner instructions which works again ManU. AI made them like gods about this. If it works against them it works against any team!

I tried the new thing (Near post/DC's near&far post/2 guys set near post flick on&stand off far post ) it didn't work either.XD
Jan 19, 2010
Ive just started a Leicester game and I've scored 2 in 3 games so far best way to defend corners I think is default and match prep def set pieces. I did try counter tactic where I put wingers on the post to my full backs man mark had a striker in 6 yard box heading away. 1 cm close down corner and the other on edge of area and it did work to start with but they figured it out so I stopped it

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