Need a few good tactics for my team - any recommendations?


Apr 2, 2012
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Currently managing Chelsea and need a few good tactics. For the more defensive tactic I would like a possession-based one which I can simply hold onto the ball and see the game out if I am in front. For the more attacking tactic/s I would prefer one to be possession based and one to be more counter-attacking using wingers.
Here is my team:
GK's: Cech/Turnbull
RB: Azpilicueta/Clyne
CB's: Terry/Varane/Luiz/Cahill
LB's: Cole/Baines/Bertrand
CM's: Vidal/Fellaini/Lampard/Ramires/Gundogan/Romeu
AM's: Hazard/Mata/Oscar/Bale/Moses
ST': Ba/Falcao/Hernandez/Neymar

Basically wanna hear your opinions and recommend any tactics you think would work well as there's so many to choose from! Cheers for any help in advice guys :)
That's some squad you got there (H)

I'm going to be very biased here (as they are my favourite tactics) and suggest 2:

It has a huge following on this forum, and is proven to be very successful with both top teams and lower league teams alike. Strong defence, lots of possession. With that squad of yours I think you would have a lot of fun with this.

As an alternative, try the first tactic listed in this thread - the wingless 4231.
This tactic is based off the first tactic above, and I developed it for my Real Madrid team, but moves the wingers inside so you have 3 attacking midfielders instead. That's a lot of attacking talent you have there, just like Real Madrid :).
@Jukilo, herne79 - This tactic looks good as well as the tweak, gonna have to give it ago! Cheers

Any recommendations for a more defensive tactic? Also would anyone recommend the Barcelona style Tiki Taka?
I never play with a possession style, so I can't say anything about that one :)

The tactic is very strong defensively, the press is high up and don't let the opposition play. Even more with such a talented squad. The "tweaks" that the author (and myself from my experiences) recommend is to play the more defensive players in the big games.
Just an example and this is just an idea. Ramires on the MR spot. You get what I mean? :)
But with that squad and the tactic you are more than able to win the big games. Just make sure you follow the tips in the OP from that tactic.