Jun 2, 2010
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I need a new Gk for Arsenal for the starting 11. In Mid jan and have 17 million to spend, any suggestions?
Rene Adler is about that much, De Gea starts with a release clause around that, try both of them.
Adler's too much :/, I'll give De Gea a look though.
Adler is best GK on FM11. This aint just my opinion, its a GS fact ;) . Go for him.
Why is Adler too much? You have 17 million and that is his release clause.

Here are a few cheaper ones -
Maarten Stekelenburg
Guillermo Ochoa
Sebastien Frey
David Ospina
Sergio Romero
Ospina would be a great piece of transfer. Others too but this one can be your best goalkeeper for 15 years so...
He signed a new contract and the release clause isn't there anymore.
Diego Alves was class for me. Preferred him to Adler because of the wages that Adler asked for.
you could get a good keeper as a back up as well and get somebody yound like areola for when alves gets older