Need a little bit of help!


Feb 8, 2013
Hey, guys!

First post here! I'm an old Football Manager 2010 player. Truth is that I've always downloaded tactics from this forum, and loved them, but right now I'm trying, apart from making my own tactics, understanding the meaning of every concept. So, please, if there is yet anybody playing this beautiful game, I'd thank some help regarding the following questions:
  1. Mentality: risks that you "let" your players taking.
  2. Creative freedom: license given to the players to "disobey" team instructions. The flairest the player, the more more Creative Freedom I should give him.
  3. Closing Down: area around the player in which he will move and press the oppossition when the ball is in it.
  4. Tempo: maybe... fluidity of the team game?
  5. Wasting Time: time that the player spends to pass the ball to a teammate.
  6. I assume that Player Instructions override Team Instructions, so... to make a compact tactic in which every player defends and attacks, I think I must leave some Player Instructions unchecked to get it, for example Mentality, Pass Style, Closing Down... so the all the players have the same notch in the sliders. I love Classic Tactics, by the way.
  7. I can't make my fullbacks do their job properly... I tend to concede a lot of goals from crosses to far post. It doesn't matter the Heading ability of the opposition winger or fullback (I decided to retrain centrebacks to fullbacks because os this issue). High percentage of goals in that case anyway. However, I am not able to reply the same way.
  8. Right now I'm watching full games, but I think I don't have the ability to see how the opposition is playing, and how to counter it (Mentality, Tempo, Time Wasting, Width, Defensive Line,...). Every match seems the same.
  9. Any tips you have regarding any other questions are welcome!
I appreciate your help guys!

Thank you!

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