Jan 25, 2010
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Hey guys need a little help if anyone knows the answer to this question.

Just got fm2011 n been messing around with the competitions in editor, i wanna bring back the anglo-saxon n cup winners cup from being extinct. Ive already set them both back to active but nothing happens nor shows in game. Am i missing anything else to do?

If anyone knows plz help, thanks
Have you ticked the appropriate files when you start a new game?
how do you mean by appropriate files?

you mean like unticking extinct? or have i totally missed something before saving the editor data?

actually, ive just tried starting a new game, and a warning shows up saying certain files havent been applied etc, at least 2 nations must be selected for qualification...whats that mean?
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now that you've stopped them from being extinct you need to create continential rules and set them up for both comps otherwise the game won't get any teams to compete in them.
yeah ive pretty much got it. Im tryna do the cup winners cup at the moment. Cus im adding the nation FA cup winners so all 16 nations winners all go 1 on 1 in knockout phases. But when i go into test rules it says it has no rules for it. Its wierd
heres what ive got so far

All 16 nations added
all winners of the fa cups added all seeded 1st
all stages set to random teams with 1 leg to play

n says qualification cannot be done cus the rules havent been applied for these cups :|