Need A New Laptop!

May 3, 2007
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Hi guys,

I need a new laptop as my one died! (using PC at work here!) so can anyone recommend a good laptop, maybe they bought one recently on special offer. Only need it really to play the best game in the world which is FM2007 but want it to be able to handle it with ease and play with the large database. looking to spend max £600.

or does anyone play FM with a pretty average laptop and find thats it runs ok?
yeah im in a similar situation as im looking for a laptop to have for my birthday
Just have a look on the Acer or Dell websites. They offer the best value for money. try HP there good we have all them at work
would anyone reccomend ebay for buying laptops? iam thinking of buying one from there, iam still not fully sure about buying sommat so expensive from there though.
Aslong as the person has a good feedback rating, offers you some sort of guarantee or return. Make sure their feedback isn't all for lots of small priced items, because that's kind of dodgy.
If the sellers not too far away, ask if you could collect in person and see it working first.