Need a solid Counter tactic for my wingerless squad......


Jul 4, 2010
My squad is comprised of DL/DRs, DCs, DM/MCs, AMCs and STs - I use a narrow 4-2-3-1.

I have no wingers or enough versatility for WB position either. My best players are my AMCs.

Atm I'm doing well and en route to winning the EPL but that means next season I'll be in the Champions Cup and up against strong opposition on a regular basis. My average age is also only 22. Oh and my players are all tiny - amazing at Heading but truly terrible at Jumping.

I am going to need a good away tactic to stand a chance, ideally one using a DM.

Can someone please suggest some ideas or tactics so I can begin testing it now before next season kicks off? In my game most of the best players in Europe are wingers and so I expect to see 3 forwards attacking me regularly and I am a squad with no wide players of my own except full backs.

So far I'm thinking 4-1-3-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 and I cannot use for example 4-1-4-1 or the 'Christmas tree' 4-2-1-3

How can I make a very effective 4-1-3-2, for example? I'll consider any formation my squad can accommodate, but I've no idea about tactics beyond picking a formation, so any advice or recommendations of downloadable Counter/Defensive tactics would be super-appreciated.

Thanks :)
Mar 25, 2013
Try 4-2-3-1 narrow, playing a target man upfront.

Assign one of the attacking mids a engache role to be the main playmaker.

Assign the other 2 on sides attacking mid(a) attacking mid(s)

Deeper you should have a dlp(s) with a bwm(s). Dlp covers for bwm roaming.

Full backs on sides assigned to support and "cross from deep" to "target man" They need good crossing/passing obviously.

As for starting strategy either attack/rigid or control/rigid should do the work.

Play will be like this : Ball on target man from full backs, he lays it down for the attacking mid, or passes back to engache who then sets up the onrushing midfielders.

Should work.