Jan 11, 2013
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im nottinham forest and am looking for a target man, i have 5 million any suggestions?
You could try Andreas Cornelius, Duvan Zapata, Federico Santander, Tulio De Melo, Chris Wood, Fernando Aristeguieta, Jorge Molina, George Tucudean, Eren Derdiyok.

I'd try get this guy if you can mate, this is him a couple of seasons in & he seems to be a perfect target man. I'm sure he'll get even better under human management aswell
Although I don't know how much he'll cost I suspect he won't be over 5m

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Kweuke would be perfect (he gets transfer listed within 2/3 weeks of the start with the January updare) - would set you back 4m and is an absolute beast. But he may not come to forest.

You could also try N'Djeng.
pierre michel lasogga, german youngster who is amazing to start with and only gets better