Need Advice For Creating More Chances/Scoring More Goals.


Mar 17, 2016
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I need advice and help with chance creation and helping my team score more goals. I started this save off unemployed and joined Truro, in my first season I managed to avoid relegation and in my second season I performed above expectations finishing 12th when I was predicted 18th. Defensively my team is fine as we finished with 4th on goals conceded and 4th on clean sheets however attacking my team came 16th for goals scored and during games my team frequently failed to create chances throughout the 90 minutes. The way I want my team to play is to be narrow defensively to force play wide and for my team to press the ball so I have selected play narrower and press more. When attacking I want my team to take care of the ball and use my wingers so they can provide crosses for my two strikers so I have chosen exploit the flanks, lower tempo and shorter passing.

Is having play narrower and exploit the flanks conflicting with each other? Am I not scoring as many goals/creating more chances because of my slow build up play?

Hope I've included everything required and any advice in how I could improve my goal tally?


Dec 30, 2016
Playing narrow is a great way to defend, it makes ur team more compact but in my opinion, when using wingers as u do here in a 4-4-2, u will not be able to use the width of the field as much as u might want to by using the narrow setting. Playing with narrow in attack is great when u are using inside forwards and wingbacks to overlap, because the wide players frees up space for ur back when he cuts inside, which means its only the fullback that needs to hold width, which he automaticly does.
So with the fact that u want to play on the flanks and get crosses, i would change the width to balanced, or at least fairly narrow, and the tempo to normal to provide more use of the wide areas when the opposition is unbalanced. And i would also use mixed on passing, rather than shorter, so u have the ability to get long balls up for counters:)

Hope it works out for you!
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