Mar 25, 2010
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I use a formation which requires two ball winning centre mids and I use annan and smith as my first choice ball winning centre mids and i want to sign another ball winning centre mid who is as good as these two. I sold off barton due to his high wages. I have remaining budget of about 4mil
Daniel Kofi-Agyei is good and cheap, also he's young (18/19) in the second season I believe. I have him as my back-up/apprentice to Modric in my Spurs save and he does the job. His heading and jumping are poor, but I'm guessing due to his age, if you put them as his training focus you could see a rise in attributes.
thanks i'll check him out. any other suggestions are welcome
Check out Juan Manuel Torres. Excellent attributes for bw midfielder and is cheap
Adilson is one **** of a ball wining mid. If you want, ill post screenshot later.
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have a look at these, tackling-marking-workrate-strength all 15+.

kader mangane, eugen polanski, eyon enoch, kara,
+1 on Adilson.. He's good in other areas than ball-winning aswell
Do you have the cash for Busquets? If not, Take faurlin from QPR
What is your budget? I'd highly recomend Yann M'Vila from Stade Rennais. He is young and is already top class. He also has a potential to be a 4.5 star player.

C Kouyate cm (Anderlect) 750k ish T Guarente (Sevilla) 1.7 mil both good enough for first team quality passers of the ball