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Need cockney-accented voiceover for FM related game

Feb 12, 2013
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Hi guys

I'm Andreas / SotD from the Danish Football Manager scene Football Manager 2013 » FM 2013 » FM13 » FMDanmark.dk - I am currently working on a game based on our beloved Football Manager generic database. The game plot is quite simple. Instead of being a manager, you are a player. The game will be RGB based with real persons in all setups of the game, and it should be quite enjoyable once we get the hang of it.

So atm I'm looking to setup a short video - or it has been done basically - but we are looking to get the final touch, and what better way to make a football commercial video, than using a british voiceover. The land of football. I'm primarily looking for a cockney-accent adult voice, but other accent could potentially do aswell. I'm not all to strong in local dialects as I'm clearly not from around.

I know it sounds kinda strange for a Danish bloke to turn up from nowhere and be looking for an adult cockney accented guy - Hmm, yeah it does actually sound even worse now.

Could anyone be interested in giving it a go?