need for speed carbon


Jan 10, 2006
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i was just wondering does any1 know whether it is any good, cos i wasnt really impressed by most wanted
I really liked Most Wanted. I just liked all the massive cop chases with about 20 cars packed around you :D

I heard that Carbon didn't have them in, or atleast not as important as Most Wanted so I havnt bothered getting it.

From what people have said though it's still a good game and you can mod cars even more now so get it if that's the part of the game you like.

I prefer games like TOCA and GT though as I like to actually race rather than flying around streets.
I played on it and I quite liked the look of it, something i'll probs buy with my crimbo money.
or you could get a job? then you dont have to wait.
Preffered Underground 1&2 to Most Wanted, so this looks back into my vein of the game. Will definitely get it
This NFS pwns. I like it more than Most wanted, but you couldn't beat the 2 Underground games they've been the best so far i'd say.
This game rocks, the graphics on the 360 are awesom, the people look real as watching fast and furious, its great how you choose the depth and height of you roof scoops, spoilers etc. Best game iv played so far since i bought my 360. Better than the rest epscially most wanted i didnt really like that one, it gives you a choice of free roam and finding races or if your lazy like me you can just click on the race and it takes you straight there :D.