Need good cheap players


Mar 18, 2014
Hello, I'm currently managing Aston Villa and we have recently started the Premier League (currently 8th, drew in my first fixture). The thing is, my next match will be against Chelsea and I'm not sure if my players could perform well in such circumstances. Nonetheless, I need some good young players with potential who can improve their skills to be great... My transfer budget is not that good (18 million E). In particular, I'm lacking in attack due to the fact that I have Agbonlahor who is totally not good enough for a Premier League side. He's good on paper and he has a good reputation but he misses easy chances... He's a fantastic dribbler for me but can't score.. I mean, my AMC Ashley Young has more goals than him (including friendlies). Aside to strikers, are there any youngsters who I can use to back up my defenders? I heard a lot about Varane and wondered if he is that good.

Yours in policing,