Dec 8, 2009
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I am currently the manager of Motherwell and I edited the database and put us in the Blue Square North with the view of trying to reach the Premier League. After a few seasons I got up to the Championship and finished 10th in my first season. I spent more than I should have that summer and fell into financial difficulties which forced me to get rid of my best players which in turn relegated me with the poor squad I ended up with.

I am now slowly trying to build a young(ish) team with potential which will help me get to the Championship and hopefully keep me there at least.

I was wondering what I could do to keep my financies stable but keep a strong side for the future if I go up? Here are some screenshots:

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who is your highest paid players may be sell one or two

Just had a look and realised that my two highest paid players are in their 30's and are on their way out of my thoughts, going to have to get rid of them!
Dont use monthly installments to buy players, it wrecks your finances
Sell high earners/high valued players and buy cheap, young players on low wages :)

Even when I am in fantastic financial conditions, I always do this with a team when I get promoted, as it means if I get relegated and have to sell off my best players I have youngsters ready to bring me back up again! :)