Need help - any ideas?

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My fm 2007 has started saying that the file fm.exe is corrupt, so I cannot sav my games :furious:. The game was working fine for the first few days I had it but since yesterday it's been hopeless. I've tried uninstalling and then installing it again and I've tried running chkdsk as it suggested without any success :mad:. Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this?
I had that with fm06 i had to format my comp and start from scratch :(
Re-Boot it. Wipe everything off it so it turns out like a brand new comp :)
If I Re-boot it won't I lose all my documents? If yes, then how do I stop this from happening? and also how long does it taker to reboot? (sorry about all the questions)
Oh that's easy - I wish I understood complicated PC stuff. All I know how to do is play games and use msn :blush: