Jun 18, 2013
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hello, sorry if i make this thread at wrong subforum but i want to ask something,
IF all my player the stars (ability) are down and the potential ability are down, what should i do ?
buy new player or use they ? (because i see the ability is very great)
hey bud, it was in the wrong section but no worries, moved it :)

you should not worry mate.. stats talk and PA/CA walk! meaning if the player has the correct stats for his position, who cares what star level he is at!

I have Dembele at Spurs still after 3 seasons and he is by far one of the best players I have ever managed! he is only 2 stars in my current setup as I have Kwadwo Asamoah/Veratti/Inler/Benat/Eriksen/Paredes etc

but Dembele still plays better than them all :)

So I would not worry mate, you can buy new players yes if you feel that you are lacking quality
oh thanks Raikan, i will show all my players as i can screenshot from my PSP ._.
i play football manager on PSP so i adapt all of tactic that maybe can i adapt well
there are 3 tactic that adapt well for me (because i use it very often)
i managed CS Vise about 1 season and i get 1 league titles and 1 cup titles :D
after get promote to first league (in Belgium) i worried about the ability ._.
but thx for helping me :D

by the way, how to move thread ._. i'm very new at here.
but i see all tactic on this forum.
many great tactic but only a few tactic really works for me ._. (maybe because the players never used on that tactic so didn't really good in that tactic)
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