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[Need help] Fast (short?) passing, lot of movements!

Dec 22, 2011
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I actually have some tactical problem. I want to build up a tactic (here 4-1-2-2-1 with fb or like my 4-6-0), but what I want is really fast passing, lot of movements. I want beautiful football.
Actually I'm trying a 4-6-0 with full backs (support duty) and Inside forwards. A anchor man as DM, and a dlp and a ap as CM. Trequartista as AMC. Attacking style, and fluid.
I set passing style to default but I don't know if that's good, or if shorter or direct will be better? I want also the possesion so for me it will be shorter but I don't really know.
Closing down is set to Press More, and I have More Roaming set with IF, AP, T with roam from possition on yes.
I forgot to say that I'm still playing with Bilbao. I bought Azpi, Monreal, Inigo Martinez, Javi Martinez and Griezmann. (no I didn't cheat)
I have three main problem:
-First, I don't win. I have possesion, but not enough CCC ( max 2 )
-The football practice by my team isn't beautiful to watch. When I score is with Muniain dribbling everybody, or on a defensiv mistake from the opposition.
- Players some times doesn't "play". I mean they have the ball and take too long to make pass or doing something! Although I set Tempo to the max!
Actually, 1 win - 4 draws - 1 lose. And the stronger team I played was Twente. ( Other teams were Osasuna, Malaga, Levante, Standard and Granada)
So I need advice, please. (I can't take screenshots..)