Need Help!!! Man Utd Template Tactic Pack


Jun 30, 2009
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what i want to do is build a formation and strategy for man utd for each and every different scenario by using advice from fm base

to do this i will choose a formation and set roles

then il break the tactic down into contain,defensive,standard,control,attacking and overload variations saving a version of each one

i will then break each variation down again into vs smaller, vs similar and vs higher rated teams then break down again into home and away versions

and so on.......

basically i want to create a tactics pack from the advise i get from fm base and upload it so we will be able to select a tactic best for each situation

so all advice will be welcome

i will start by asking what is the best the best formation and roles for manchester united?
lol im sure he will hes the man when it comes to tactics
Try the Managing Manchester United thread.
the best would be a flat 442 or a 424

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the roles are not 100% as my brain is a bit tired, not feeling well today! but Carrick would be the DLP and Cleverley/Anderson would be the B2B (sort of how we play at the moment)

these attacking variants would be used when up against equal or lesser teams

switching to control would be used if up against equal to better teams and possibly dropped to balanced

We also have a narrow/diamond formation we used against Newcastle and a couple of other teams..

We also have a 4321 which we use mostly in the Champions League, my worst tactic we use, something sort of like this...

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I am leaving office now so in a rush, but start with the 442 and 424 :)