Need help, my wonderkid's stats are dropping, as well as his value


May 26, 2013
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Hi all,

I am managing Newcastle in my 3rd or 4th season now and have found a pretty ridiculous wonderkid that goes by the name of "Jens Stein".

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Most of his stats have increased dramatically and he is now worth £4M at the age of 15. However about 3 months ago he was worth £5.5M. His determination over the last few months has dropped from 20 (!!!!) to a pretty average 14. Is this to do with overworking? or maybe training level? (there have been no complaints) I have cancelled the tutoring with another player as I thought it may have something to do with that.

Any advice on how I can maintain his progress well, as well as potentially getting that determination back up to the high-teen mark?
It's because he is being tutored by a player with lower determination. Make sure to use a player with higher determination and it will raise again. If his other stats starts to drop too, then it can have effected his hidden stat ambition to.
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It is probably due to the tutoring as you said he had 20 of determination when you started tutoring him, you probably used a player with low determination when tutoring this guy, but still he has enough time to develop and he still has great stats just try to find some player in your squad with high determination that can tutor him

Hope i can help