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Need help setting up alternate US league


Mar 15, 2015
I've owned FM 14 since the beginning but with the news that my local MN United team is probably going to be in the MLS I have a new-found passion to create a league through the editor that is going to look similar to what MLS will look like in 5 years. I can't quite wrap my head around the editor, though, and paging through the forum it seems MLS is the hardest to edit, so there's that.

So what I want to do is remake MLS w/ no draft or any other things that cause problems. 1 level, 24 teams deleting Chivas, adding NYCFC, Orlando City SC, the new Los Angeles SC, Atlanta (I would use the Silverbacks from NASL), MN United FC and Sacramento Republic. The idea is to have two 12 team conferences, each playing a full home-away inside the conference and playing every team in the other conference once. Instead of a US Open cup I'd make the playoffs a group-knockout stage with East 1-4 West 2-3 in one group, East 2-3 West 1-4 in other group, followed by a home-away semifinal with winner group 1 playing 2nd group 2 and winner group 2 playing 2nd group 1, then a neutral-site final for the MLS Cup.

Similarily I wanted to make the CONCACAF Champions League simply top four MLS vs top four Liga MX setup the same way as the MLS Cup playoffs, in which case I'd take the four semifinalists from MLS cup qualify for the league.

As for accomplishing this...well I'm still a newb. Any help would be appreciated