Need help turning this formation into a good tactic...


Jul 4, 2010
It's a weird 433 with no wide players (technically I guess a 42121, with 2 DMs, 1 MC, 2 AMCs and 1 ST).

I don’t have quality fullbacks but the rest of my team pretty much kicks @ss.

This is an attempt to get more games for my DMs and AMCs cus I have a lot of them and they are mostly my best players.

I’d really appreciate some help and advice on Team Instuctions and roles. My AMCs have very high creativity and flair and the two that don’t yet are quite pacey.

2 of my 3 main DMs are ‘Xabi Alonso’-type players with good vision and are both good on the ball, without taking away from their defensive responsibilities. Only drawback with my DMs is they are not great in the air unfortunately.

I’m playing in the EPL shooting for a EURO Cup spot with a vastly improved Newcastle side which does best with my beloved 4231 (and was designed with it in mind, with no wingers) but I would like to be able to play my DMs more in their favoured position without adopting a defensive/counter tactic. I have great players and I should be attacking every team (well i prefer Control actually, but same difference lol)

Any advice please? Particularly on roles, width & defensive line but anything you can offer would be super helpful thanks!! :)