Aug 7, 2012
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Hello fellow editors!

Ive tried the world league databases on earlier editions of FM and found theres always a problem with playing with teams from the americas. When they are called up for int caps they always seem to miss some games in the regular season do to the long traveltime. Ive also created a couple of massive superleagues within the same continents before. But now i dream bigger. So...

I thought I could create one massiv leaguesystem for the americas, one for Europe and one for Asia. And then use these three leagues in the same game. And then finally create one cup (like the champions league) for the eight (or something like that) best placed teams in the three leagues.

However. If i create new nationrules fore lets say Argentina and set up the Americas League there (done and done) I dont seem to be able to create new nations rules for lets say France to set up the Europeean League. Is there anyway to fix this or is it only possible to change one nationrules per edit?

Anybody know this or tried this and know what to do?

Also. How do I create the international version of the champions league Ive dreamed up?
i will give you one advice:
1. make all database changes and save this file compresed. you will get dbc file. put this file in data/db/1300/dbc.
this is folder for database changes. now when you load your editor you will have all changes here as default.

2. now you can add nation rules files- one by one and finnaly that your world competition file.

this is important because there isnt much space for mistakes.
Just making sure I understand you correctly.

Ill do the americanas changes first and edit the argentina nationrules. Save and place the file in data/db/1300/dbc. And that will make the changes permanent?

I can then just load database as usual and then start editing the France nationrules?

Or do should I create all the individual leagues place all the teams in them (for the whole world 4 in south america, 6 in europe, 3 in asia, in one save and add to data/db/1300/dbc. Then do all the nationrules files one by one and adding them to data/db/1300/dbc individually?

Do you have any tips for me regarding the champions league type cup? I cant even find where to start creating a cup that spanns over the whole world.
Also, I see now, I cant find the data/db/1300/-directory.
Pretty sure its couse I installed the game through steam. I dont have the physical FM-DVD. That means Im pretty screwed huh?
find it. must be somewhere. that is your default database.
in dbc folder you put only database changes that you made. not nation rules files(or continental rules files).
simply-you rename some club and put that file(compressed) in dbc folder. when you load editor or start new game this change will be there as default
Ah, off course!
Then when i start the game i just click to use more then one altered db. Genius!

Thank you!
no you dont understand. dont confuse that two things. database changes is all changes that you make on database- player names, transfers, teams in leagues, number of leagues in some countries. when you make all changes you want( make sure that all changes are made) save that file as dbc file(compressed) and put it in dbc folder(if you dont know where is it we will find it for you).

now when all changes are made you can start making nation rules one by one. for ex- start with argentina and save it. now load editor again from start and make new nation rules for some other countries.

IMPORTANT: when you start to make nation rules files you cant do any changes in database-not even one. if you do that and click that two files and start game you will get crash. thats why you have to make changes before nat. rules.
use paper, pencil- i always do like this. i write on paper all things a have to do and check them one by one.
one more thing- save your database files often- every hour and rename it. ver 1.0, ver 1.1 ver 2.0 etc because editor sometimes crash and you lose all your work. this way you can load last save and continue.
sorry for this huge post :)