Need help with DOF challenge


Aug 5, 2015
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Hello so 3 friends and I are doing a Director of Football challenge (He controls all incoming transfers and accept bids on our players)

The problem is he's not really signing any players.. We played the first season and accepted we got no new players because we had barely any transfer budget (we started in the 4th division in England)

But now new season, I got promoted, I lost a lot of players that were on loan (key players) I have a transfer budget of almost 2 million pounds. And I'm in dire need of new players. We just passed the transfer deadline day. He bought zero players for my first team besides loaning 1 player from Chelsea...

He did buy a lot of bad players for my u21 squad with barely any potential to be excited about.

My question is what are we doing wrong? All responsibilites is on the Director of Football, all negotiating and we've made recruitment plans of positions we need, even went into squad planner and removed all players to see some results, yet nothing... And 2 millions in the 3rd tier is pretty big, should be able to get a whole new squad.

And my DoF is pretty good as well, see below:
Fayed 2.PNG
You can't really play DOF challenge that way. They only sign first team players when you tell them what player to sign. I'd suggest you make a list of few players from the scout reports you get, sort them how'd you like to sign them, and then tell DOF to bid and give the contract to the player. That way you don't have the control over the finances, but you still work with DOF with the targets. It's semi-realistic.