NEED HELP WITH making changes to this file


Oct 9, 2016
This is a league system i have downloaded that runs alongside all the normal tournaments. but it has a few problems which i am not able to fix.

1. the original champions league :- Qualified Teams:- Only england has the right representatives according to the league finish, spain italy and germany have teams other that barca, real madrid, bayern juventus etc which should be playing. this problem gets fixed second season onwards.

2. the major issue is with the league namely:- uefa premier league, championship, league 1,2,3, the SQUAD SELECTION RULES/Registeration ARE FOR SOME REASON ONLY ALLOWING UNDER 20 Players only or not more that 3 european players in team selection. I need anybody's help to change this to normal champions league SQUAD registration rules.

the editor file is not getting uploaded, therefore i am posting the download link.

it is the second file dated 31-3-3016.

UEFA Football Pyramid for FM16

Please help me with this if possible.