Jun 17, 2013
Reaction score
Ok so attacking wise my team plays some great stuff. The only thing is that my defence really lets me down. They concede far to easily. Whenever my fullbacks get beaten and a low ball is put into the box my centre backs and keeper fail to deal with it. Same goes for lofted balls but either the keeper fumbles it and its then put in the net or my cbs don't even jump.

I'm playing two full backs set to defensive and two defenders set as ball playing defenders. Also have a DLP set on defensive in the DM role.

Left full back: Monreal or Vermaelen
Right full back: Sagna or De Sciglio
CB: Papadopolus or Mertesacker playing BPD as a stopper
CB: Koscielny or Raul Albiol as a cover.

DLP: Arteta or Coquelin

I play high up the pitch pressing, possesion football. Usualy Papodopolus and Koscielney are my CBs and when fit Sagna and Vermaelen. I don't chop and change alot.

Can anyone suggest a tweak to help me out?