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Aug 14, 2013
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Hi guys,
I´m playing second season as Sparta Prague and I am now in the Champions League. But I have a problem. My default tactic is 4-5-1 lil bit "barca style", based on short passes and controling the game. In my league I owning the games, but when I´m playing with clubs better than me, naturally, this tactic has no chance against them, because my players cannot hold the ball.

So I´m asking u, if u can get me some tips on some counter-attack tactic, which can get me a chance to draw or better, to win away against big club. I would like to talk about it more than download a tactic :)

Got some really nice young players with potential like Petrucci, Kadlec, Krejci, Joel Valencia and more so I think I´m not without a chance.

Thanks for advices