need help with tactics as well as keeping the financial side of it under control


Jan 27, 2013
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i can't seem to win many matches with tactics i've used in fm 13, i'm trying to start with a low team in english league 2 so ill show use my tactics to see if anyone can help? also i cant get the financial side of things under control so the club is continuing to loose money and i cant buy better players to improve my team, any tips would be great.

i concede a lot of goals as find it hard to score, i tend to have between 10-20 shots a game but only like 5 on target if that, its really annoying.

there is obviously something I'm doing wrong or it could be that i just dont buy the right players or haven't set the right training or something but the game is just more enjoyable when your winning instead of loosing al the time

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Try This!

On your 4-4-2 tactic... push your wingers up to advanced wingers. Set your strategy as attacking and style as very fluid.

let me know if this works.
thanks for your idea andrew, would you recommend that tactic for most 4-4-2 formations? because i got fired from hartlepool, so i have decided to start again with newcastle.