Jan 30, 2010
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alright, sorry about my spelling of knowledge my mind has gone blank!.

ok well im in need of help with transfers in and out.
i wanna get above a 7th place finish! i got like 6 mil to spend! :-(
can you please give me advice on transfer ins and outs and tell me your genoa storys!

cheers :)
what positions need improvement mate ? what type of players do you want ? Tactic you are using ? Genoa have a pretty good squad if I recall
mmm there half decent mate, well im gonna play flat 4-4-2 seeing i havent much money and its good and quite defensive and good for counter attacking! well id like a good striker well the best i can get for 6mil! unless you have any other recommendations for genoa other than striker!
Christian Benitez for pacey striker ( about 1,4 - 2 M from Santos Laguna)
Levan Mchedlidze for towering n' strong target man ( 3 - 3,4 M from Empoli)
or you can get Lukaku on loan with 5 - 5,75 M future fee
As you might know the budget isn't good at Genoa at the start. I signed Verratti for £1M + 30% of profit. I also got Neuton from Gremio at the end of his contract and joined in January. In January I signed Babel for £4.4M.

If you're unsure about tactics I used Goals Galore (most popular download) with this lineup.


I'm playing a Genoa save at the minute, based on the transfers I've made, I'd recommend:

- Matias Ezequiel Schelotto, (MR/AMR) (I paid £4.5m for him at the start of the 11/12 season)
- Mattia Destro (On loan in the first season, but there's a clause to buy for £3m)
- You should get Robert Acquafresca back from his loan in the second season, he's a good striker. (unless they choose to buy him, they didn't for me)... You also get Andrea Esposito back from his loan, he's a good DC.
- David Mendes da Silva, I paid £5m for him mid-way through the first season, he's a good DM.