Need motivation to stay and improve team !


Jul 3, 2010
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Hey not sure if someone else has made a thread about this, but for me I am having real trouble at starting a game and completing it, my first save I started off as Liverpool played 4 seasons with them won the EPL twice (2nd and 3rd season) FA Cup once in the 2nd Season and the League Cup twice (1st and 4th season) didnt win anything in Europe despite making the semi's each season.
So obviously I got inpatient with that save so decided to start off a save with a Championship team e.g Burnley, QPR or Leicester. And after 3 or 4 months I would either re-start the season if my tactics weren't right (even though once or twice I was in the top 6) and re-look at the signings I had made.

I know I can complete seasons no problem at all as I had in my L'pool save but for the life of me just simply cannot see through any save that I start in a Championship team.

Do any of you have any advice on how you go about starting off a save in the Championship.
I am relishing the prospect of getting a team promoted to the EPL and just need some guidance, I have been playing FM since 2006, but I have always gone as L'pool and just tried to make them the ultimate force in Europe - so its time for a change

I am currently using the latest update + LFCMarshalls Transfer Update V2
You should try startin a save in league 2 and trying to get to the Prem. I did one with Rotherham and got back to back promotions but got bored in my second season in the championship because i couldn't attract players good enough for promotion. A lower championship side could be a good challange someone like Scunthorpe or Doncaster.