Jan 28, 2013
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okay guys really starting to get annoyed at this game , im playing as Liverpool in football manager 2013 classic mode I have set out my tactics as 4-3-3 and 4-51 with a reserve tactic of 4-4-2 , I start off really well with euro qualifiers , but as soon as the prem starts I can't win anything it happens every time no matter what I have seen many videos where people have used the same tactics and they are fine its really starting to get to me because every time I was in a game nothing seems realistic in it at all the defence are **** , the game is getting me pretty angry I have played every football manager and never had this problem someone help me out !
Euro games tend to be easier anyway in my opinion. Are your tactics downloaded from fmbase. If not use one of them to start with. Try to play your most experienced players away from home and add a few youngsters in for home games. That's my best tip for starters. Will need more info to help further.
no all my own tactics . I do like to rotate the squad , only made few change , got rid of downing and joe cole . brought diego costa , nothing should be going wrong , yea my euro games are easy atm , but first to prem games were reading which I lost 3-1 , and Fulham , 2-2 :/