Aug 10, 2009
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Right guys I need some serious help in fixing up my team I want to play a 4-2-3-1 but I don't know what settings to use. and my main central mid Altintop is out for 3 months, and I've run out of money to get another decent CM. But whatever, here are my players any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I don't want to use anyone premade tactic it takes the fun out of the game I just need some pointers thx :D



i agree with you on how using premades takes the fun out the game, ive found this game is way more challenging to make a good tactic than 2010 though! seeing as your CM's aernt your best players maybe you should play a counter attack? your already playing direct with high tempo so that might work? oh and control with direct style probably isnt the best idea...try attacking?
Id say here is one problem you have: having it set to control and more direct passing. Those 2 things dont work together. Control means you want to control possession and take chances after slowly breaking down the defense and it works with a short passing game. Either set your passing to shorter or at least default or change your philosophy to counter.
alright cheers guys ill give it a shot :D

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keep your suggestions coming
with pongolle as your main striker, id try and use his pace, you're using direct style so i would set your other attacking players to through balls often! use drill crossing aswell. i presume your using turan as an inside forward? you will eventually get something which works anyway