Apr 10, 2010
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I'm managing Celtic and I'm now in my 3rd season but I've been conceding quite a few goals since the start of my save, first season I conceded 26 in 38 in the league, I know that isn't shocking but the goals I concede are very sloppy and I conceded a few goals in the Champions League in that season as well (2 clean sheets in 12 games). Second season I conceded 30 in 38 in the league and suffered a few heavy defeats in Europe (4-0 Bayern, 3-1 City and 1-4 Bayern, 4-2 PSV and 5-2 Juventus) and now into the 3rd season and I've already conceded 7 goals in 8 games so I'm looking for some advice on how concede less goals!

I currently set up my defence like this:


Anyone have any adivce to turn around my defensive fortunes...?
Well, by first looks, you are playing extremly attacking. You push up the team, play a fluid Attack WITH the counter box ticked ( more risky), and this with Celtic in the CL. Unless you play more cautious and/or get a world class team, you will concede many goals.

IN the domestic competitions, what happends when you are 2-0 or 3 goals up ?. Are they still fighting for every ball ?. If not, how will this effect your shape when only some players are closing down heavily. Are you perhaps more likely to loose you shape and are the opponents given more time on the ball ? If so, then why not drop down a bit. Firstlty, dont tweak the d-line setting, keep it as in the TC. Then you can just shout "drop deeper" and the closing down and d-line settings will be lowered. This is if you have not touched it for the rest of the players, something I assume you have not done since those screens are not uploaded
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The heavy defeats your receiving are from European heavy weights in which your team will be by far the under dog, I'd recommend dropping Wanyama in front of the back 4 as a defensive midfielder, for games that your the underdog you should set a counter strategy.
move your AP back to a Dm behind the main 2 and change your FB to Def not Support, make your DLP Defensive and change your BWM to AP and Attack ( keep in same place). Also change to RIGID not FLUID. give this a go.
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