Need some help, with my Kits problem!


Feb 6, 2009
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I have the new kits now, the most all are good, but some are not. Like the english national team kits, are default and the french home kit also and i think more, so whut to do to fix it and get the good kits shown?

Can anyone help me?

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Anyone who can help me please!!

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WOww hello any one please!!!!!!!
No idea what you mean, are the kits showing up or not ??
Yes they showing up, the most are. But like the english national team aint or the third kit of Arsenal. and some others. those are default!
Check the config and make sure the kits that dont show up are in that. and also make sure all the kits are .png and not .PNG
in config i see this:

<record from="england1" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/home" />
<record from="england1" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/home/2009" />

<record from="england2" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/away" />

<record from="england2" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/away/2009" />

<record from="england3" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/third" />

thats a double?
I'm having the same issue with the England kits, although my version doesn't have '2009' at the end - I might try that
Try this:

<record from="england1" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/home" />

<record from="england2" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/away" />

<record from="england3" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/third" />
I have found the solution - you need to add the year that you are in on your game to the config file

<record from="england2" to="graphics/pictures/team/765/kits/away/2013"/>

This worked for me!! hope it helps
I start with Spurs and im at the start in 2010. So need to change that 2009 to 2010? And how hehe, how to change it in config? Im not a technical guy u know. :)
I start with Spurs and im at the start in 2010. So need to change that 2009 to 2010? And how hehe, how to change it in config? Im not a technical guy u know. :)

Open it in notepad and edit away :)
"edit away" whut u mean? LOl, ? :)

Basically do what the people above have said, change the date at the end to the year your game is in, and see if it works. If not, then we will try and help further.

And once you have edited the config, make sure you save it so you can see the changes.
Cool it works, **** u guys rocks. thanks, escpecially ronmaiden, with his solution for this problem. Well i fixed only england kits, so now i need to do that by all kits which are default.

Thanks guys, great great. Love it, when u need some help and u asking for it and then people are ready to help yu with yur problem, lol. :D
Glad we could help, although I didn't do much, but I am sure the other people that actually did help are glad :)
Yeah all good help and without u now here, i couldnt go furthur to solve this problem :D. Thanks all, i let u know when all kits are 100%. :D

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New problem i think, lol :(

Lol this is great, my german and holland team is for like 75% FAKE now, lol. I see some real players and the most are Fake! Wtf? I had a crash dump folder and removed it, maybe that screwd this up or whut? Omg, this sucks man, pfff. H8 this! In the beginning it was ok, i removed those files and i saw the real teams, but i just see right now its fokd up, not good.


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Phew its ok now, i made new game and see the real names now , im glad its ok. a m8 helped me.

Still has this problem with kits.

French home kit is default in game, and the away kit is good. Why is that?

Here is config:

<record from="france1" to="graphics/pictures/team/769/kits/home"/>
<record from="france2" to="graphics/pictures/team/769/kits/away"/>

What is wrong? :(

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Any one can help me with this problem?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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anyone can help me ???
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I still dont fixed this problem lads, come on, who can help me with this?
Download the kit colour fix, that will probably help