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Jan 21, 2011
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Right ok I just want to say hello first, Helloo!

Now we got that settled, I'm looking for some help, I'm currently in my third season on Football Manager 2011. I support Manchester United but as usual I thought I would be a different team. This time my choise was Fulham.

In my first season I came fourth.
Second season I came second.
Third season I came FIRST!

Right thanks for you all listening to that boring intro!

My question is that I have a really good team, from Moussa Sissoko to many wonderkids, BUT! Lately I have been trying to create a new system for my team to be superb, now seen as I'm asking for help you will gather I've not been doing well this season.

Just wondering if anybody can help me out with an awesome tactic that may see me through many seasons to come!

Thanks guys (and girls), Blaze3689!