Jan 16, 2012
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Ok the Tactics i currently use get allow me to easily dominate my game my opponent then gets 2 or three shots on goal and normally ends up winning it is not even like my teams shots are from outside the area they are all inside the box. Yet if i holiday the matches my assistant wins but stills uses the same tactics and lineup and i'm starting to get really annoyed so if anyone can actually help that would really be appreciated.
Perhaps you could provide more info?

A screenshot of the tactic, along with team/player instructions?

Maybe then we'll be able to pin-point the problem.
Bare in mind that these tactics have been working for the last three seasons with me winning three champions leagues and i have not changed anything since so i cant understand why they are still not working.
I tried that earlier on in the season and it didn't work i have tried changing everything thats the only reason im here and even if that was the problem it doesn't explain why my assistant wins when he plays the exact same tactics.