Need some tips on my unemployed game


Feb 18, 2011
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I need some help with my unemployed game on FM11. As im pretty new to the FM games this is my 2nd game and i started with a nPower league 2 team (Hereford) and my thoughts when i started this game was that i after ive done a good job in that team move to another team in an higher league. Ive now played 1 season and finished 8th and thats over expectations. I now wonder if i should start to find a better club or continue with this team. Ive not been offered any jobs from other teams.

And i got another question. As i play in the worst league its really hard to get rid of unwanted players. When i bought in new players ive just moved the other players to the reserve team and they are now eating my money. Wut should i do? When i want to destroy their contract i just have to pay lots of money and even if i offer them to other clubs for free no1 buy em.

Hope you could help me with these questions
You would be very lucky to get a job offer handed to you in after your first season in charge of a lower leagued team unless you won the FA Cup or something wild like that. I can go 5/6 seasons without being offered jobs, its just a case of getting your own manager reputation up a bit - get your current team noticed - giant killing (although difficult) is one way around that.

In my LLM game, Ive managed in the game for 20 years, been all over the world with clubs but yet never been offered any more than the U19s of some strange countries. You could try simply applying for slightly bigger clubs and chancing your arm, but your own board might not take to kindly to it. Especially if you do it to many positions in a short space of time.

As for the money thing, I NEVER sign a player for longer than one season, unless he is the lower leagued Messi. Always saves money on contracts, always saves on getting the dead wood out and pays off in the long run for me personally, as I tend to spend ages, and I mean ages each pre season finding new players to improve my sides.