Need suggestions on how to improve my tactics


Dec 5, 2011
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Hi, I am struggling with my beloved Southampton. I've basically have three formations set up: 4-3-3, 4-1-2-2-1 (or 4-5-1 as the game states it) and a standard 4-4-2.

They all share some of the same ideas, being the following:
  • A fluid system (Being a fan of versatile players and versatile play)
  • Zonal Marking (I am Norwegian, we dont know anything else)
  • More Roaming (Again, personal preferences, movement is a good thing. It doesnt work to well with the 4-4-2 though)
  • Press More (Again, personal preference)
The instructions for each tactic can be seen on the screenshots provided.

The problem with these tactics, one thing being that they dont work all that well in general, is that i get absolutely trashed by better teams.

1. I've recently played against Chelsea and Man Utd and lost 4-0 and (6!)-0 respectively. Despite not going on the offence when it comes to shouts etc.

I know part of the problem is a lack of their quality players, but still its a new experience for me getting trashed that hard by better teams.

2. And I find it hard getting anywhere close to the best out of my team against substantial weaker opponents (league/championship). Here it is again some missing piece I can't quite get a hold of.

Do you guys, the brilliant bunch most of you are, have any ideas for which shouts/tactical tweaks I should use to get something better out of the before mentioned scenarios?

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I'd suggest a more rigid/balanced philosophy against the stronger oppenents, at least until you improve your squad.

I prefer to play counter attacking strategy on this game, as it gives greater balance between defending and attacking, but if you want to play a more adventurous game then I'd suggest starting each game with 'standard' and 'balanced' philosophy and take it from there. You can use shouts from here to alter the way the team plays once you have watched the opposition and understand their style of play better.
Ok, the logic here being players possibly out of positions works bad when Jose Fonte remains one-on-one against Eden Hazard right?

I will test it out, you are probably right as a lot of the goals come from personal mistakes/left and right-backs being caught semi-off position.

But which shouts? Some of them are self-explanatory, some I struggle with understanding when to use.

Thanks for reply!

Regards JF
Thanks for the answer Jassar, but I would prefer to develop my own using your help than to steal some others. Tweaking is half the fun right?