Ivica Olic

May 21, 2013
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Hi guys, ive started a game with Standard, and its a chaos right now, 4 defeats and 2 draws in 6 games. My team is:

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I started with the Raikan007's AWESOME AMC as my main tactic, coz its my favourite one and it fits nice with my current scuad:
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Anderlecht 2 - 2 Standard Liège

My first game, vs the best team of the league and in their own stadium. My players played a good game and we managed to draw. Pinga scored 2 goals and i liked the match, it was a fair result.

Standard Liège 0 - 3 Lokeren

Oh my god. Dat was really dissapointing. We played at home and we totaly failed vs a worse team. Our deffensive work was TERRIBLE.

KV Malinas 2 - 0 Standard Liège

Our worst match. We did 1 shoot in the whole game. They completely destroyed us.

Standard Liège 2 - 2 OH Leuven

... Nothing much to say, we couldnt win again. Terrible deffensive work like always.

Mons 6 - 2 Standard Liège

IT CANT BE TRUE. WE SUCK OMFG... Drage scored the 2 goals.

Here i decided to change the tactic. I choosed Might and Magic.

Standard Liège 0 - 1 Racing Genk

Better, but still bad. We play like the worst team of the Pro League -.-

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Soooo what can i do guys? Which is the problem? Do i need a different tactic? I need help, i think i have nice players but we are doing horrible as u can see. Our deffenders are doing so bad, i think dat is the main problem.

Thx and HELP!!! D: