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need tactical advice


Aug 4, 2016
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=CONFIG]127086._xfImport[/ATTACH] keep conceding on set pieces and have trouble breaking sides down. My attacking fullback and wide men are constantly caught offside. Since most of my goals come from through balls this means I dont score so much. Can you please help me.
Am currently playing as Tottenham and would like my team to play quick short passes when in possession and to press high up the field when not. But when opposing teams get into my half my defenders are being dragged all over the pitch. Am conceding goals from the wings which makes me think my wide men aren't tracking back. Please offer your advice.
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Aug 21, 2009
Initial thoughts are to tighten your defence by reducing your width. By using fairly wide, you are increasing the lateral distance between passers, yet asking them to pass short and quick. Reduce the distance between your players to achieve this goal. If your defenders are being pulled all over the park, try changing the shape to structured. If that isn't enough, try adding stick to position and see if it helps them keep their tactical shape. FM16 ME is know to have a lot of success with crossing, so don't forget to use that yourself, and try to counter it by pushing your D-line up a notch to keep the opposition crossers further away from your danger zone. They'll still get past of course, but hopefully less often and with more pressure on them. It's doubtful your IF will track back very far while on attack duty, you could try giving him a support duty. If he isn't far enough forward in attack for your liking, try giving him a get further forward PI. On support duty he should be more mindful of his defensive responsibilities. You could try the same thing with your attacking fullback too, support duty with get further forward, or maybe wingback on support. If your CBs are running all over the place, try putting them both on Def duty and see what happens. Remember to only try one thing at a time and see what happens, and watch on 2D and comprehensive. Good luck.