Jan 18, 2012
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I'm Man City and I've just won the prem playing a 4-3-3, but only by a point above Newcastle!

I lost the first two games that season (United & Stoke) as well as dropping silly points here and there. I've just signed Neymar, Adam Johnson, Valerio Verre, Alexandre Lacazette, Leighton Baines and I've just lost the charity shield to Chelsea and my first league game to Liverpool.

Any ideas would be great thank you. View attachment 348916

You can see that starting XI and also who I've got chilling on the bench etc.
I'm not sure Gundogan is the best choice as adv. playmaker. I haven't looked at his attributes recently, but going by real life...
his best role is as an advanced playmaker, only his anticipation (12) and his dribbling (13) are the stats that let him down in that role. I feel the team is lacking in direction, insigne was the top scorer last season and i really don't know how to get neymar scoring freely as he should.
Have a look at these 3 versions of a 4231

COUNTER - Your normal approach

STRETCH - Here, we use more overlaps and use more width and play more patient to stretch the defence of teams sitting deep

CAUTIOUS - the wingers are dropped into MR/L and we play mouch slower and more narrow when wanting to play more compact and more cautious

MCleft = Strong, MCr = Better of the ball, Wingers = off your choice, AMC = any AMC really, FC = any really