Mar 4, 2010
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Name: Neto
Club: Atletico Paranaense
D.O.B: 19.07.1989.
Nationality: Brazilian
Position: GK

Strengths: one on ones, reflexes, rushing out...

Weaknesses: -

Description: Fairly Loyal

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Brining him into my United team, work permit permitting, at the start of the second season. My reports have him already as a leading goalkeeper for the Premier League at 21 with more room to improve. And a 10.5 million release clause makes him a decent bargain for a top end keeper.
Similar to Gigi Buffon!? He'll be a heck of a goalkeeper if he becomes as good as Buffon!
he signed for Fiorentina in this transfer window
you got to admit that Mihajlovic is not bad at spotting potential
That does look pretty good. I wonder what will happen with a little tutoring from Van der sar and working with the United coaching staff.
I bought him for my Barcelona team in my first season. I played him 16 matches and in the season 2 he was almost as good as Valdes. I am in December 2011, but I think that in the next season (3rd) he will be as good as Valdes. I will always sign this guy (at least at FM 11).
Picked him up at some point (don't remember when or for how much, but it had to be early and somehow cheap) in one of my Rangers games. Definitely good enough for any top club.