Network game, 2nd party cannot continue

Graz Doz Trez

Feb 2, 2009

I mainly play network/internet games of Football manager (currently still on FM17). My friend and I have been playing the same save for approx 10 seasons, my laptop hosts. However, in this, our 11th season, my friend is now experiencing an issue where he cannot continue from one day to the next and even clicking "continue" causes his game to slow to a halt and becomes unresponsive. If he waits for 5/10 minutes he is able to navigate the game again, but hasn't made any progress.

This issue came about very suddenly, as far as I am aware there wasn't a gradual build up. We were playing and it was fine, then he couldn't confirm his team selection for a match.

We are using a custom European Super League database, and currently in Jan 2028. Up until last summer we were just using this one 'country' with two divisions, but in the summer I added Spain and Germany. However the game ran fine for half of the season with these added.

The only remedy I've found is kicking my friend from the game, I take over from my computer, and then relinquish control back to him. This has allowed him to click continue for a very short time, perhaps into a match, but then he is unable to leave the match.

The circumstances seem very strange to me, I cannot see what would have happened in the middle of one session that has cause a last effect like this. I've saved the game as a new name, restarted both computers, routers etc.

If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this themselves, please, I welcome any suggestions. I think if we cannot fix this soon it will mean the end of a very good and enjoyable save.