Apr 21, 2013
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I've been trying to create a network game using some edited data which I have done myself in the editor.
I've done this before in previous FM titles and got there in the end with mostly trial and error due to poor editing.

This time round however I can't find the problem. What we're basically wanting to do is remove two teams from English League Two and replace it with two blank teams to start from scratch.

I've created the teams, put them in League Two removed the two we are replacing etc etc.. Like I said, i've done this before and had no problems.

I load a new game and it's all there, both the new teams in the league.. no problem. The problem occurs when my friend attempts to join. He creates a manager then has only 22 teams to select from not 24 (the two new ones are missing) it's as if his game acknowledges i've taken the teams out but not replaced them.

In previous FM's you always had to send over the edited data file and the other person had to place it in the db folder (I think??). But there does not seem to be a db folder in the FM13 folder.

Sorry about the long winded post, any help would be great!

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