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network game help regarding wifi speeds

would you play an online game knowing another user has a 3g connection

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Jul 4, 2011
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hi all who are reading this, I am a regular online gamer who is used to using 100 meg broadband. however, I am currently in the process of changing to a new internet provider. my question is, will I be able to continue online gaming using a 3g portable wifi hotspot? which although it has strong signal strength it only possesses download speeds of approx. 3 meg. this will only be a short term issue until I have chosen a new broadband provider but I am keen to continue playing fm13 net games. finally my second question is in relation, I was curious if 40 meg sky fibre unlimited broadband which is the availability in my area, will be adequate for online gaming whether it be through xbox live or steam? thank you to anyone with experience or knowledge on this subject who can offer me an insight into the issue and I am sorry to have posed this god awful question. heres to hoping I can partake In fm 13 net games whether it be as a host or as a participant. god day to you all, any insight will be appreciated :) im not thick I promise, just lack experience of this situation.