Network game (The other threads seem dead)

Daniel Agger

Sep 16, 2010
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I dont particularly want to make a network game because there would be too much responsibility on my part; rather just join one to be honest. I just made this thread as the others seem dated.

EPL game?
I dont know how many people would want to join or how many people would be considered too much but I wouldnt mind doing it with 20 people, as long as everyone wanted to be a team in the EPL. I support Liverpool but I wouldn't mind being a team like Wolves.
Is it going to be just us two as I would prefer to do it with about 5 people maybe 4 or 3? I tried emailing you but it didn't work :)
if we could get some more ppl to join that would be ok.

dont u have msn messenger??
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I have tried adding you and I cant on msn. I dont think I will be able to join a game until later tonight, maybe around 9:30. :mad: