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Oct 25, 2012
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I'm having some problems setting up a network game with a custom database. The idea was to create two entirely new clubs and insert them into the Belgian top division, replacing two teams from that division. My brother and I would then become managers of the two new clubs, where we would have already put 26 of our favourite players.

The clubs were created from scratch, with new stadiums built and chairmen created for them. No other staff, but that shouldn't be a problem. Especially since the database seems to work just fine in single player mode.

Trouble starts when trying to play a network game. I set up a server (just as I have done before for non-custom database network games) and load in the Belgian top division as the only playable one, with several other divisions on View-Only. Then I use my existing profile and become the manager of the first newly added team. My brother would then join the game and take charge of the second newly added team. However, when he joins, he cannot select any of his existing profiles and most of the fields for creating a new profile (e.g. Nationality and Past Playing Experience) are greyed out/unaccessible.

The procedure my brother follows to join my game is this: he clicks the Start New Game button, selects Default database and checks the "Change" button. Then he makes sure the correct database is checked, clicks Confirm, goes into the Join Network Game tab and joins my local server. He's tried different ways before, but I think this is the most thorough method, taking care of the database (though such an "elaborate" procedure might not even be necessary if everything is alright, I don't know).

At first I thought the trouble might be caused by the fact that I started from the Update 12.2.0 database when making my custom one (I read/heard somewhere that you should always start from the Default database). This was partly because there were no problems for my brother to join a game with a custom database built from the Default one, where the only change was a player transfer (Dembélé to Man City, random choice). So I did all the work again, this time starting from the Default database, only to find that it didn't work either.

So I turn here, hoping any of you guys can provide some insight. Is this likely a problem with the database (though it works fine on single player), a problem with network settings (though other network games do work, in particular I have checked for ones with the Default database or a custom database changing only the team of one single player) or something else? If necessary I can provide the database I created.